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도광판용 타이틀
It is the major components used to BLU(Back Light Unit) of LCD-TV, has role LED light of both edges to distribute uniformly to whole surface with some form of printing, V-Cut, and laser pressing to one side of panel.
1. It is excellent of brightness and uniformity.
2. It is excellent of thermal resistance and durability.
TFT LCD / LED TV, Monitor, Tablet PC, Navigation, LED light Cover.
Category Item Thickness(t) Breadth(mm) Length(mm) Utility
PMMA OAS-800 0.8 1200 1500 NoteBook Monitor
OAS-900 0.9 1200 1500
OAS-2000 2.0 900~1380 1000~2440
Order Product
LED Light
Versatile Cover
OAS-3000 3.0
OAS-3500 3.5
OAS-4000 4.0
OAS-5000 5.0
Items ASTM Test condition unit PMMA Note
Total Light transmittance D1003 3 mm % 92
Haze D1003 % 0.3
Tensile strength D638 MPa 73
Elongation at break D638 % 4.5
Impact strength cm
Heat resistance 65x1Hr No change
Thermal expansion coefficient D696 mm./℃ 6x10-5
UL standard UL 94 Class HB
Acid(Hcl 36%) SHT's test method O
Alkali (NaOH50%) O
Alcohol cleaner(IPA) O
Adhesion test D3359 Cross-hateched 25/25
Pencil hardness D3363
Steel wool test #0000
Chemical test : O no change △ slightly change X discolouring, whitening,swelling
The values in the above table are represenative values obtained using the test methods, and are not standard values or guaranted values.