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내충격 타이틀
It is the product that mixed the special resin material with raw material for improving impact resistance characteristic of PMMA Sheet. And maintained the quality of basic optical sheet, and appropriated applications required to impact resistance at the same time.
1. It is excellent of impact resistance than typical optical PMMA Sheet.
2. It is used for display window because of excellent high transparency and optical characteristic.
3. It is excellent of longitude and weather resistance.
Cell-phone window, Display window, lighting, electric sign, vending machine.
Category Item Thickness(t) Breadth(mm) Length(mm) Utility
OIS-800 0.8 1220 1650
(Order Product)
Mobile-phone window
Display window
Touch screen
OIS-1000 1.0
OIS-1200 1.2
Items ASTM Test condition unit IR-100 Note
Total Light transmittance D1003 1.0 mm % 91
Haze D1003 % 0.4
Tensile strength D638 MPa 64
Elongation at break D638 % 12
Impact strength Ball drop test 36g cm 60
Heat resistance 65x1Hr No change
Thermal expansion coefficient D696 mm./℃ 7x10-5
UL standard UL 94 Class HB
Acid(Hcl 36%) SHT's test method O
Alkali (NaOH50%) O
Alcohol cleaner(IPA) O
Adhesion test D3359 Cross-hateched 25/25
Pencil hardness D3363 4H
Steel wool test #0000 200g, 10 times No scratch
Chemical test : O no change △ slightly change X discolouring, whitening,swelling
The values in the above table are represenative values obtained using the test methods, and are not standard values or guaranted values.